Chennai’s first Professional Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio.


Tattoos and body piercings represent elements of one’s identity. At Irezumi, we use our experience and professional training to create quality body art, bringing your identities into focus.

Getting a tattoo is about both, the journey and the destination. We do our best to ensure that you get not only a beautiful tattoo but also the best possible tattoo experience.
We have been tattooing for over 8 years, having started on July 8, 2006, and we understand the nature of Indian skin. We continue to adhere to international standards of cleanliness and hygiene so you can get that tattoo you always wanted, exactly how you want it!

Pushing the bar

Being the first professional tattoo studio, we are recognized as the best studio in the Chennai. We do so by updating our knowledge from visiting artists from countries like Thailand, Australia, Germany, Iran, Cyprus, Italy, Nepal, Norway and more.

Professionally trained

We have been trained by veterans with decades of experience. These experts are based in Thailand, which has a deep-rooted tattoo tradition and is the only country in the world where the tattoos are the focus of an annual celebration.

Legally recognized

While India has no norms or certification when it comes to body art, Thailand does. Our teachers are legally recognized and licensed by the Thai government, qualifying them to teach and certify students.

Happy Customers

  • Great experience especially for a first tattoo, everyone loves it!

    -Richard Thompson

  • Love the space, professional and efficient, very cool! Will remember the trip for a long time.

    -Lekha Washington

  • Obviously love this place and the amazing artists here. This urge took me 7 years to finally complete. Hope I get many more. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to meeting you all again. Keep up the amazing work.

    -Christopher Varghese

  • Excellent workmanship, thank you so much guys, this Valentine's is gonna be really worth for us both :)

    -Madhumathi Rakesh


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